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Gordon LaForge on True Magic of CWA

Former CU student Gordon LaForge paused on his way to the UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen to reflect on another conference–The Conference on World Affairs:

Gordon LaForge

The notion of a “Single Moment” – that lone occurrence that can embody the spirit of the whole – belies the true magic of the Conference on World Affairs.  It’s not a one shot pistol, but an automatic machine gun: 5 days; 100 participants; over 200 panels; over 400 car rides; myriad conversations; countless insights, connections, and laughs.  It’s nothing less than a full-blown intellectual extravaganza – a paradise for the curious and eager.  A cornucopia, a plethora, a bounty, whatever you want to call it, all that I know is that to attempt to express the CWA through a single moment does it a great disservice.  Each of my conferences was made by several: a good BS session with Band of Brothers Screenwriter Bruce McKenna; a boisterous yet hard-nosed life-lesson from businessman extraordinaire Greg Collins; a frantic car ride to Louisville for a “Republicans only, otherwise I’d invite you” dinner with pundit and NY Post Associate Editor Robert George; cutting the rug late night with Time International Editor Michael Elliot.  Taken en masse, each of my two CWAs were hands down the best two weeks of my life, and not for any single moment, but for the diverse, juicy, multifaceted whole thing in itself that is the Conference.

Don’t miss Gordy blog for a sense of life after classes: http://www.theincidentalobserver.com/

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