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What I Learned: Engineers Have Careers That Keep Them Fascinated

I’ve volunteered for the conference from my freshman year at CU…continuing for all four years, not an easy feat with a full schedule of chemical engineering classes! But it was the most rewarding volunteer experience of my college career. The community volunteers make a big push to give the students opportunities to put together panels and to meet participants during the week. It’s why when I moved back to Boulder, six years after graduation, that I headed straight back to be a community volunteer both for the science committee and as one of the volunteer photo M Fletschcoordinators during the week-long event.

There’s so many moments that are amazing from my experience, but I think what really influenced me was the encouragement I got from participants I got to know over the years. Engineering school takes a lot of work, especially at a highly ranked school like CU. But hearing from people who work at NASA like Barbara Thompson, genetic researchers like Fintan Steele, and the excited Bill Reinert from Toyota showed me engineers go on to have careers that keep them fascinated every day, and can be well-rounded at a conference like this, too! Getting to watch engineers and scientists talk on panels about what makes their job so cool…you can see the grins spreading on students faces around the room, and know we all get it.


NOTE: Madalene Fetsch graduated in chemical engineering, currently works at a Denver lab and is Vice President of Rocky Mountain Region of SWE (Society of Women Engineers). She continues to volunteer with Conference on World Affairs.

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