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New Year, New Panels – My favorites for this year

Getting the program for the first time is when the conference becomes real to me… you hold the 63 pages and pour over them until you’ve practically memorized all of the panels… then the circling begins. As always, there are few panels that stick out to me and this year I’ve found my top panels. It was hard to narrow it down but these are the one’s I’m looking forward to most:  


3:00-4:20 UMC East Ballroom
Tweeting the Conference: A Demonstration
Dave Grusin, Andy Ihnatko and Kirsten Sanford
Last year after seeing Anday Ihnatko on a panel about Twitter I signed up and was opened up to an entire new world of getting news and sharing information – I can’t wait to see what the panelists will bring to the table this year!  



4:00-5:20 Visual Arts Complex 1B20
I Never Let My Schooling Interfere with my Education
Tom Dark, Charles Jess, Eric Selbin, Shodekeh
The title of this panel is my personal model when it comes to CWA. So many professors are not supportive in encouraging students to attend panels and learn more. Their lack of enthusiasm makes it that much easier to realize that there is so much more to learning and receiving an education than school.   


E. Benjamin Skinner


9:30-10:50 UMC West Ballroom
Human Trafficking: The Price of a Life
Gerald Murray, Kavita Ramdas, Laura Simms, Benjamin Skinner
This is a topic that I’ve always been interested in but haven’t had the time to learn a lot about. I’m hoping this panel will give me a good basis for starting future research on this topic. I saw Benjamin Skinner speak last year and can’t wait to hear more from him!  

12:30-1:50 UMC 235
Keeping up with… Why We Care About Ray J and the Jersey Shore
Terrence McNally, Howard Schultz, Shodekeh
As someone who is studying the media and learning about audience patterns — I’m stumped by reality TV. It’s entertaining, yes, but I can’t quite understand how it’s taken off the way that it has. This group of panelists is pretty diverse and I think that it’s going to have some very quotable moments.  


Rony Barrak


2:00-2:50 Old Main Chapel
Artful Trio – Middle Eastern Tales and Tunes
Rony Barrak, Noa Baum, Charlie, Bisharat
I don’t think I need to explain why I’m excited for this panel — It should be absolutely incredible! Rony Barrak is one of my favorite performers and is always a blast.  


2:00-3:50 UMC 235
Artful Trio – Beatbox Fusion
Rony Barrak, Shodekeh, Tjupurru
The past couple of years I’ve seen the musical chemistry of Rony Barrak and Shodekeh and it always tops my favorite panels list. Adding Tjupurru is going to add a whole new element that will bring this panel to a new level! Make sure you get there early – seats are going to fill up fast!  

Macky Auditorium


2:30-5:50 Macky Auditorium
Cronkite to Stewart: The Most Trusted Newscasters in America
Margot Adler, Michael Elliot, John Hockenberry, Susan Schaer
As if the rockstar panelists aren’t enough – the topic is something that impacts every single person in America. How do you know who to turn to for your media? What makes a newscaster trustworthy? As a student journalist this is an absolute must see.   


9:30-10:50 ATLAS Black Box
A Lower Priority on Higher Education
Mel Gurtov, Kyle Pruett, Eric Selbin, Cora Weiss
This topic couldn’t be more spot on for the campus that’s hosting the conference. With Colorado dead last for higher education funding it makes you wonder why such there isn’t a higher emphasis on its importance. I can’t wait to hear what the panelists have to say.   

These are just a few of the panels I’m looking forward to. But I have to say that usually my favorite panels are the ones I pop into randomly to learn about a completely new subject. This week is always one of the most beneficial learning experiences of the year and I can’t believe it’s only a week away!  

-Kylie Bearse
Junior at CU studying Broadcast News and International Media
Third year with CWA  

Find all of the panels at www.colorado.edu/cwa
Try something new – you won’t regret it!

  1. Graham
    March 29, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    Awesome, Kylie! A couple of those hadn’t even hit my radar yet! I’m super-excited, though! Middle Eastern Tales & Tunes. What fun!

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