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Roger Ebert Blogs CWA Conference

According to his blog: Roger Ebert thinks CWA is the place to be right now!

Check it out: http://blogs.suntimes.com/ebert/2010/04/the_ecstary_of_the_filmmaker_h.html

Werner Herzog is in Boulder this week, to join another great director, Ramin Bahrani, in viewing “Aguirre” a shot at a time. It is a lifetime experience for a film lover. We’re at the 62nd annual Conference on World Affairs. Maybe 1,000 people crowded into Macky Auditorium, where Bahrani and Herzog sat side by side in the dark, Jim Emerson froze the DVD frames when required, people shouted out questions, and Herzog spoke about the making of the film.
This program was born in 2009. Last year, Bahrani joined us for a “Cinema Interruptus” of his “Chop Shop.” He spoke of film with such respect and love. He is a meticulous director; not a frame is filmed with inattention. He mentioned how much he would love to meet Herzog. An idea was born. This year Ramin and I invited Herzog to join us. Herzog came, and was mesmerizing. I could listen to him all night. —Roger Ebert’s Journal, Chicago Sun-Times Blog, April 5, 2010

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