Quite a success

posted by Anthony Gonzalez

4617 Mexican Drug War

2:00-3:20 on Thursday April 8, 2010

UMC West Ballroom

This was by far the most interesting talk I attended throughout the week.  The focus was on the drug war in general.  What stuck out to me was how each speaker emphasized that the problem was that the drugs are illegal. The speakers emphasized that US making certain drugs illegal has opened the door for the drug economy.  Demand is rampant and supply is struggling to catch demand.  Our policies create perverse incentives in the drug world.  If we were to legalize substances and regulate them we would see a shift from billion and billions of dollars in the black market to a regulated taxed new sector of the economy.  Drug wars in other countries over drug selling turf would obviously diminish if the substances were to become legalized.  All of the money that the drug lords are making will inevitably rear its head in the interest group sector or American politics if legalization were to be pushed.  The demand is inescapable and to think that we as a society can alter it we would be committing grave injustices to our selves.  People have been experimenting with drugs from the beginning of time and there is no reason for them to stop, Nixon and Reagan’s fear of drugs were followed by the declaration of war on drugs.  It’s moronic to think we can stop drug use the best thing we can do to minimize crime in general would be to legalize and tax the hell out of it like alcohol and cigarettes are today.

The attendance for this panel was through the roof and this can be attributed to our writing 3020 classes advertisement campaign.  Every talk that I went too I saw kids that I knew from my classes that I told about the conference.  It was very exciting and rewarding to see that our efforts made a little bit of a difference.  Overall I believe the conference was a great success and I can not wait for CWA 2011.

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