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CWA volunteers past and present: Where are they now?

Alex, second from right, with WWT girls in Guatemala

Alex Grossman


Class of 2011
International Affairs

Current location: Guatemala

Alex traveled to Guatemala with the non-profit organization Women Work Together, which promotes leadership and collaboration among Guatemalan women and girls in order to raise their socio-economic status and create positive change in their communities. The founder of Women Working Together is Tracy Ehlers, an anthropology professor at Denver University and long-time CWA committee member. Her co-founder, Diane Dvorin, is a community volunteer and editor for the international affairs subcommittee. As a member of the international affairs subcommittee herself, Alex heard about the work Tracy and Diane were doing and decided to get involved.

Ehlers, right, being welcomed by WWT girls

When asked about the impact CWA has had on her college experience overall, Alex replied, “CWA has been one of the best experiences that I’ve had in college.  Not only have I met amazing students, community volunteers and gotten to interact with the participants, but I have also been able to see all our hard work come together into one amazing week.  I have also met many people that I consider to be role models who have helped to influence my goals for the future.”

The girls wrote and performed a song for Tracy with the words “Mujeres unidas con Tracy jamas seran vencidas!”  (“Women united, with Tracy we will never be defeated”).

We’re so proud these amazing women are part of the CWA!

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