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Seth Shostak: In the search for aliens, don’t forget sentient machines

Could the first extraterrestrial life we encounter be robotic?

Past CWA participant Seth Shostak, a senior astronomer at the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was recently featured in Popular Science Magazine for his new claim that, if humans find extraterrestrial life, they will be intelligent machines rather than biological systems.  He notes that our exploratory attention should be turned to “galactic centers and hot, young stars… because of their plentiful supplies of energy and matter.”

Since our own machine advancement happens relatively quickly compared to biological evolution, Shostak says that it makes sense that alien technology would advance at a quicker pace too. He suggests that instead of focusing on areas of the universe that seem hospitable to life, we should also explore areas that are not necessarily hospitable, but may very well contain intelligent machines.

Read the full Popular Science Magazine article online here.

Watch Shostak’s interview on the Colbert Report at Colbert Nation.

Shostak served on eight different panels at the 62nd Conference on World Affairs this past April, including “Out of this World: Is Music Solely a Terrestrial Art?”, “Robots and Cyborgs: Our Human Future” and “Empty Space: Rockets to Nowhere”.

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