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Bill Nack, Literature Gourmand

Conference on World Affairs participant and celebrated sports journalist Bill Nack has devoted a significant portion of his career to following and writing about one very special animal.

Disney’s current release, the feature film Secretariat, starring Diane Lane and John Malcovich, is based on Nack’s biography on the most successful racehorse in history.

Nack’s Secretariat: The Making of a Champion was published in 1975.  Because of the film’s success, the 35 year old book as been making appearances on The New York Times best seller list recently.

Nack is a close, lifelong friend of film critic (and 40 year CWA veteran) Roger Ebert.  Nack admits he was curious to see if Ebert would disclose the friendship in the review of the film.  You can read that for yourself here.

Not only did Ebert review the film, but he followed that piece with a captivating tribute to his friendship with Nack.  Ebert describes introducing Nack to the CWA:

I also proposed him to the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he is beloved after a decade not only for his readings but for his participation on panels on all sorts of subjects, because at CWA you don’t lecture on your specialty but have conversations, ad lib, about ideas. That format sheds light on the beauty and complexity of Bill’s mind.

Read Roger Ebert’s entertaining tribute to his dear friend Bill Nack here.

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