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Simon Hoggart’s Long Lunch

March 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Simon Hoggart has been a familiar face at the CWA for over 20 years. As the political sketch-writer for The Guardian, Hoggart’s insights into the British Parliament and fluid mix of humor and politics have been a valued addition to the annual Conference.

This past fall, Hoggart released his memoir, A Long Lunch. He devotes a section of the book to his travels across North America, including his yearly trek to Boulder. The book has received rave reviews by the British media, including the Spectator, Sunday Telegraph and The Times. The New Statesman called it, “…the best journalistic memoir since the late Alan Watkins A Short Walk Down Fleet Street of a decade ago.”

Hoggart’s fascintation with Boulder and the CWA has not waned since first coming here in 1988.  He says, “The joy of the conference is that you meet people in fields you would never encounter anywhere else.” And as for Boulder, “I doubt if there is more beautiful scenery on earth.”